December 4, 2018

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement regarding the race for NHGOP Chairman:

"When I became Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee for the third time on July 1, 2018, I recalled what an honor it is. I also remembered, however, what a challenge it is. It was particularly so when I learned that there was only $650.00 in the operating account and almost $15,000.00 in bills due in the weeks immediately following. To round the situation out, the Party was also $48,000.00 in debt.

Thanks to the hard work of Executive Director Todd Cheewing and Communications Director Joe Sweeney, Finance Chairman Jim Morgan and various county and city chairmen and generous donors and Party leaders, we dug our way out of this deep hole. We made the Party solvent again. We paid off over $30,000.00 of the debt. We conducted a meaningful effort in the 2018 political season, in conjunction with the RNC Victory Team led by Ashley Walukevich, that included thousands of doors being hit and thousands of calls being made. A good direct mail program was implemented and effective press interaction took place. A good Election Day operation was implemented. While the results of November 6th do not reflect all of this, it is important to remember that most of this planning and implementation occurred in 129 days!

New Hampshire Republicans have a long and challenging road to travel these next two years, in order to return as the majority party of our great state. I intend to be part of that effort. After 42 years of involvement and having had the opportunity to serve the Party at every level, I don’t intend to stop now.

However, given the intense and exhausting period of the last two years and especially the last five months, I feel a need to step away from the office of Chairman. I will therefore not be seeking a full term in January of 2019.

I want to thank the many people who have encouraged me to run for Chairman and the many other fair-minded people who, while they may not have thought that I should run, nonetheless recognized the great effort expended by all of us under such difficult circumstances.

I look forward to working toward Republican victories in 2020 and beyond!"