Speaker Shurtleff's Partisan Letter


August 6, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - NHGOP Communications Director Joe Sweeney released the following statement regarding Speaker Shurtleff's latest partisan letter:

"Speaker Shurtleff’s letter makes it clear that Senators Soucy and Feltes are playing partisan political games with the laws of this state. The Speaker has validated what everyone knew from the beginning: the arrival of those bills on the Governor's desk yesterday was no coincidence and was entirely politically calculated. Democrats withheld Senate Bill 1, their Income Tax Bill, for more than a month earlier this spring for political purposes. Senate President Soucy withheld Senate Bill 6 to demand a bill signing that would prop up her vulnerable Senators, an unprecedented act of legislative obstruction. This latest move, to withhold anti-Second Amendment pieces of legislation until after a national tragedy struck, was crystal clear. According to Senate President Soucy’s own statement on Monday, she deliberately signed off on the legislation after unspeakable tragedies took place this weekend. All three pieces of legislation were enrolled on June 27th, and within the 39 days they lingered on Democrat legislators’ desks, well over 150 other bills were sent to the Governor’s Desk. Setting aside their shameful and disgusting exploitation of a national tragedy, most bills have effective dates that begin upon a Governor’s signature or shortly thereafter. By holding bills for months after they have passed, they are delaying critical changes to New Hampshire law that impact the lives of all Granite Staters."