NHGOP Statement on SB 10, establishing the state minimum hourly rate based on whether an employer offers paid sick days to an employee.


March 5, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH: NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding SB 10, establishing the state minimum hourly rate based on whether an employer offers paid sick days to an employee:

“New Hampshire Democrats would rather have self-service computer terminals replacing teenagers and low-skilled workers throughout the state. That is the only way to infer their actions with establishing a burdensome minimum wage on businesses throughout the Granite State. Companies such as McDonalds have already moved from hiring staff to buying computer kiosks to replace workers in anticipation of increased minimum wage laws. This hurts young people and those who rely on low-paying jobs as their labor is being priced out of the market, and they will miss out on the critical customer service skills that these jobs provide in training. The minimum wage is a tax on doing business, but it is one the employers in our state do not need."

"The government does not need to tell employers what they should pay their employees; the market does that just fine. Traveling our state you will undoubtedly see signs for fast food and grocery stores looking for new hires. With these businesses being the most frequent suppliers of minimum wage laws across the country, Democrats would have you believe they are paying the $7.25 minimum wage described under federal law as we in New Hampshire correctly do not set a minimum wage. However, these businesses are advertising for open positions well into the $10 an hour and above range without the coercion of government telling them to do so."

"Our state’s economy and businesses are better off when the market determines employee pay and benefit models; the State of New Hampshire would create unnecessary damage to our strong economy if we reversed course on that now. All this does is minimize entry-level jobs for young people in the Granite State.”