NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek Statement on Democrat Income Tax Senate Bill 1; NHGOP Releases New Digital Ad


January 29, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding the Democrat Income Tax proposal, Senate Bill 1:

“New Hampshire Democrats have put forward a piece of legislation so flawed that it creates an Income Tax on all New Hampshire employees and allows an unelected bureaucrat to raise the rate of taxation and curb benefits of the program without legislative approval. The Senate needs to reject this Income Tax masquerading as a Paid Family and Medical Leave program and look to the free market to supply this benefit."

"Currently, major employers across the state offer medical leave as a benefit through short-term disability insurance, and this New Hampshire Democrat Income Tax plan will implode and destroy the private medical leave market. Employees who currently receive medical leave as a benefit of their employment will see their benefit replaced with an inferior product that they are paying the bill for via this tax on wages.”

Some facts regarding Senator Feltes' Income Tax legislation:

  • Establishes at a minimum a .50% tax on weekly employee wages to fund his program.
  • Taxes $156.6 MILLION away from New Hampshire workers, thus slowing economic growth.
  • Another $1.4 Million would be paid by taxing the State employees.
  • Allows the Commissioner of the Department of Employment Security, an unelected bureaucrat, to raise the income tax and limit benefits without legislative approval to stabilize and keep the fund solvent.
  • Would create a mandate for Family Medical Leave Insurance, signalling to businesses that New Hampshire is becoming more anti-business through increased business regulation.
  • The only “opt-out” option provided by the bill requires the employer to provide an alternative program approved by the Commissioner - no option to simply opt-out.
  • Major employers offer Medical Leave - this will replace that private, free benefit to employees with an inferior product they are paying for with an Income Tax.
  • Decisions between employers and employees regarding benefits should be kept between them - Government has no role in that.

The New Hampshire Republican Party released a new digital advertisement regarding the Democrat proposal, which can be viewed here.



Video Transcript:

Democrats have regained control of the New Hampshire State Legislature for the first time in years.

And they’ve made a paid family medical leave program that creates an income tax their top priority.

New Hampshire Democrats’ paid family medical leave bill holds Granite State families’ income hostage - and they can’t even guarantee their program won’t go bankrupt.

Granite Staters trusted Democrats to lead, but instead, they’ve just lied.

Call your State Senator and representatives and tell them to keep New Hampshire income tax-free and kill this bill.