ICYMI: Shaheen Supported Border Security in 2014; About-Faces to Obstruct President Trump


January 14, 2019

Joe Sweeney

During her 2014 Campaign for U.S. Senate, Senator Jeanne Shaheen was preaching a much different message about Border Security than her current rhetoric suggests.

In 2014, Jeanne Shaheen:

- Believed there was a “crisis at the border”
- Backed funding for “700 miles of border fencing”
- Cited the 60,000 border apprehensions a month as constituting said crisis

Our Senior Senator wanted:

- Border Fencing
- Increased spending on border patrol and ICE
- The deportation of families and children

You can read more about her apparent about-face at the New Hampshire Journal.

It is time for Senator Shaheen to stop sounding tough on border security during election time while failing to get any actual work done while serving in office. If 2014's version of Jeanne Shaheen were to actually advocate for what she campaigned on, perhaps the "crisis" as Senator Shaheen described could be brought to an end.