Gun Confiscation


May 7, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement as the New Hampshire Senate considers House Bill 696-FN:

“As the State Senate hears House Bill 696, they need to be informed that it contains numerous assaults on our Constitutional rights. As written, HB 696 creates a new standard in New Hampshire that will allow third parties to petition the courts to take away a person’s Second, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights without due process. An attack on one person’s due process under the law is an attack on all. This “red flag” legislation does not reduce gun violence and will only lead to the deterioration of further rights enshrined in the United States and New Hampshire constitutions. We must stand firm for our second amendment and article 2A rights, and we cannot allow the government to encroach upon our right to self-defense. HB 696 is a lawyer’s dream as it will create far more time in courts for Granite Staters simply seeking to exercise their rights. It should be soundly rejected, and all legislators should oppose this anti-Second Amendment legislation.”