Digital Ad Release: A True NH Budget


July 18, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - Today, the NHGOP released a new digital ad highlighting New Hampshire Democrat's tax-hiking, unbalanced budget. The ad, titled "A True NH Budget," will be carried on digital platforms to reach New Hampshire voters.

NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding the ad:

“New Hampshire Democrats proposed a budget that raised taxes, included bloated spending, and contained a massive structural deficit of over $100 million. Democrats are fighting for a budget that destroys the New Hampshire Advantage while Governor Chris Sununu continues to fight for the Granite State. Today's ad will let the people of New Hampshire know just how flawed the Democrat budget proposal was, and how Governor Chris Sununu and Republican legislators are fighting to deliver a budget that lives within New Hampshire's means."


Ad Transcript:

The New Hampshire Legislature just passed a fiscally irresponsible budget.
Overpromising critical funding
Raising Taxes
And potentially leaving taxpayers on the hook with a nearly 100 million dollar deficit
We can’t afford to let this happen
Governor Chris Sununu is fighting for a SOUND budget that doesn’t raise taxes.
A true New Hampshire budget – one that delivers for Granite Staters.
Responsible – Balanced – NO new taxes.
Stand with Governor Sununu in the fight to save our New Hampshire advantage.