Democrat Double Standards


November 20, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - Earlier this week, a UN Report was issued detailing the detention of more than 100,000 minor immigrant children in U.S. detention facilities. The report said it was the highest level ever and attributed it to the Trump Administration, while Democrats and their allies in the media pounced to place blame on President Trump. Less than 24 hours later the UN researcher determined the detentions occurred under the Obama Administration, causing silence from the media and the Democrats. Everyone deleted their tweets and stories without apologizing to President Trump for their ridiculous statements. The double standard demonstrated from the Democrats and the media was clear.

“This is an egregious display of the double standard employed by Democrats and their allies in the media,” said NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek. “To report on these 100,000 children detained by President Obama’s administration to cast blame at President Trump, only to retract their stories without an equally tough review of President Obama’s policy is appalling. The double standard is clear and is a key example of what Republicans have to fight back against every day. While the media won’t hold Democrats accountable, we will be making it known just how hypocritical and destructive Democrat policies and approaches to governing have been.”