Booker needs to learn the truth about voting laws


November 15, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - Today, Senator Cory Booker filed for President and continued his attacks on New Hampshire's voting laws. The NHGOP released the following statement :

“Senator Booker needs to stop his baseless attacks on New Hampshire’s voter integrity laws," said UNH Student Samantha Hobson. "As a college student, I know how to register to vote and how it is easier for me to register in New Hampshire than any other state, including Senator Booker's home state of New Jersey. Young voters shouldn’t be talked down to as Senator Booker does - we’re able to follow the laws and vote in whichever state we reside in.”

“Senator Booker can lie all he wants, but Granite Staters know that New Hampshire makes it extremely easy to vote and be involved in the electoral process, evidenced by our higher voter participation," said NHGOP Vice Chair Pamela Tucker. "New Hampshire simply brought our laws in line with the rest of the country, including Sen. Booker's state of New Jersey, but we still make it easier to vote here than elsewhere through Same-Day registration.”