A Tale of Two Plans


May 1, 2019

Joe Sweeney

CONCORD, NH: Today, the New Hampshire State Republican Committee released its latest digital ad, “A Tale of Two Plans."

The advertisement highlights the stark contrast between Governor Chris Sununu's innovative plan, which leverages the economies of scale of both New Hampshire and Vermont's state employees base to deliver a competitively priced Paid Family Medical Leave plan, against Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes's plan, which relies on the creation of an income tax for New Hampshire to achieve solvency.

The advertisement is the latest installment in a promotional campaign from the New Hampshire Republican State Committee drawing attention to Senate Democrats' efforts, led by Dan Feltes, to masquerade an income tax as a viable Paid Family Medical Leave plan. The advertisement will be backed by significant resources and will run on multiple digital platforms.

Following the release of the ad, Chairman Stephen Stepanek issued the following statement:

"Just as Senator Dan Feltes is ardent in his support for the creation of an income tax, New Hampshire Republicans remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that an income tax never sees the light of day here in the Granite State. The contrast could not be more stark: as Governor Chris Sununu fights to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage and protect our families, Dan Feltes and Senate Democrats grow ever willing to embrace far-left policies straight out of Washington. We are lucky to have Governor Chris Sununu in the Corner Office advocating on behalf of our families with a viable paid family medical leave plan."

The ad can be viewed here.


Governor Chris Sununu supports Paid Family Medical Leave and has an innovative plan to get it done.

The Sununu paid leave plan is voluntary, affordable, and keeps New Hampshire income tax free.

Senate Democrats are pushing a paid family medical leave program that creates an income tax - and doesn't even allow employees with the option to opt-out.

Call the New Hampshire Senate Democrats today and tell them no income tax for New Hampshire — not now, not ever.