12 Taxes of Christmas


December 1, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH - NHGOP to release the “12 Taxes of Christmas” highlighting New Hampshire Democrats proposals to increase taxes and destroy the New Hampshire Advantage over the next 12 days.

“New Hampshire Democrats have filed or retained a record number of terrible bills, and we are holding them accountable,” said NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek. “From disastrous income taxes to taxing New Hampshire ski lift tickets and even a ban on paper receipts, New Hampshire Democrats are hell-bent on destroying the New Hampshire Advantage. As Granite Staters gather for the Holidays, we expect the Democrats’ 12 Taxes of Christmas will be the center of conversation. While Governor Sununu and Republicans in the legislature can defeat these terrible pieces of legislation this upcoming session, New Hampshire needs to elect Republican majorities in the House and Senate in 2020 to prevent future assaults on the New Hampshire Advantage.”