10.5 Percent


April 17, 2019

Joe Sweeney

CONCORD, NH - NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding Senator Shaheen's first quarter fundraising:

“Senator Shaheen is happy to boast her first quarter fundraising as some kind of indication that people of the Granite State support her re-election, but where the money comes from doesn’t support that narrative. A paltry 10.5% of Jeanne Shaheen’s itemized donations have come from New Hampshire - not the kind of statement of someone who can be assured electoral success next fall. As more Granite Staters are tuning in and seeing how Liberal Washington D.C. has transformed Jeanne Shaheen, expect fewer Granite State contributions going forward. With her already underwater polls and her limited New Hampshire support, it’s clear Jeanne Shaheen will be a former Senator on January 3, 2021.”



Top 10 states of origin for Jeanne Shaheen donors, first quarter of 2019 perFEC.gov:

New Hampshire $152,379.53

Massachusetts $139,275.02

California $124,625.00

New York $98,950.57

Virginia $65,751.00

District Of Columbia $64,350.00

Colorado $45,487.50

Maryland $42,900.00

Illinois $34,253.33

Florida $26,250.00